Maiden Wimbledon Triumph For Murray

Murray with Wimby 2013 title

Andy Murray capped off an unpredictable Wimbledon with a memorable, pulsating and in the end a surprising straight sets victory over the world number one, Novak Djokovic. It was a massive occasion and the whole country was expecting a famous victory. They were similarly expectant last year but Federer’s genius, aided by the Roof, crushed them. But this year was different because this was a different Murray. The Scot had already won a Major and so That monkey was off his back. In addition he taken home the Gold Medal at the Olympics played last year at this very court. Djokovic was coming in strong after absorbing everything Del Potro threw at him. He had won here before so knew what it takes.

The final started off in the best way possible for Murray earning 3 break points in the opening game. Djokovic snuffed them all out in that game but Murray broke serve in the 3rd game. However as Andy found out, holding serve after breaking Nole’s serve is the hardest thing to do in tennis as Nole broke back immediately. Right from the start of the match, there were many long rallies and both players were breathing heavily mid-way into the match. Djokovic’s play was a bit surprising as he didn’t appear to have the killer instinct that we all are accustomed to. He hit too many shots long, wide or into the net. He also didn’t pull the trigger on some shots and made some questionable drop shots. This would eventually cost him the match.

Murray kept the pressure on and broke again in the 7th game. He survived some break points against his own serve in the next game. Nole had a slip and landed awkwardly on his left wrist but held on to make Murray serve out the first set. The Scot did so with ease and the crowd were on their feet. Only two more to go!

The second set had some long rallies as well including a 32 shot rally in the second game. Hawkeye should have played a bigger role in this match but strangely both players didn’t challenge tight calls that were subsequently shown to be well out. Andy was the first to blink in this set as he lost his serve in the fourth game. Nole was sliding his way around the grass (suffering the occasional slip as well) and took a 4-1 lead. But luck was smiling on Andy today as he got a lucky net cord that Nole couldn’t successfully volley to get to deuce. He then hit a massive crosscourt forehand to earn a BP and Nole surprisingly double faulted to gift the break back. The world number one earned a break point in the very next game but Murray hit a line clipping ace to save it. Andy then hit a wonderful drop shot that Nole didn’t even bother to chase down. By now Djokovic had run out of Challenges and patience as well as he was berating the chair umpire over a baseline call. He thought it was ‘clearly’ out but it wasn’t, it just clipped the line. He lost serve in that 11th game and Murray once again easily served it out, this time with an Ace.

The crowd was going wild. They could see the finish line, just one more set to go. And when he broke to start the third set, Andy Murray probably started seeing it too. This may have affected him as some poor shot selection saw him lose serve twice. At 4-2 up, it looked like Novak Djokovic was making one of his patented comebacks.

However Murray righted his ship immediately and made some great gets and hit some incredible passes on the run. He was scampering left and right, up and down and there wasn’t much the world number one could do. It didn’t help Nole’s cause that he was making so many errors while volleying. His net game just wasn’t good enough today.

Murray was now on a roll as he broke Djokovic’s serve twice in succession and then gained three Championship points. The crowd had gone delirious as everyone was on the edge of their seats; ohh sorry, everyone was out of their seats, barely able to contain themselves from erupting out in joy!

But this is Novak Djokovic we are talking about, the man who has made a career out of saving Match Points, just ask Federer. This is what happened next. 1 Championship point saved. 2 Championship points saved. 3 Championship points saved! He then earned 3 break points as well but each time Murray somehow managed to save them. He earned Championship Point #4. He has to take this right? The crowd and indeed the whole nation won’t be able to take this much longer. And much like the entire match, Djokovic nets a backhand to end the match.

The crowd erupted and Murray could barely believe it had ended and that he won the Wimbledon title. Everyone on Center Court was happy. As Murray was making his way to his box, a Security guy sneaked in a pat on Murray’s back! His on court interviews were brilliant, no tears just some of his trademark humour. He even managed to make his coach, Ivan Lendl smile!

And thus, an infamous Wimbledon comes to an end. It was full of shocks, surprises and upsets and it was kind of fitting that Andy Murray delivered on final one today. While by no means is his victory an upset, it was indeed surprisingly considering Djokovic could win even a set; when was the last time that happened in a slam? For Andy Murray, he exorcised the ghosts of all those Major final losses especially the one he suffered here last year in addition to all the Semi final losses at his ‘home’ Slam. Not discounting his Olympic and US Open wins, but Wimbledon was where he was expected to win for a long time; it was almost demanded of him! Now that he has done it, don’t be surprised if the guy coming back next year to defend his title here is , Sir Andy Murray!

Wimby 2013 Murray


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