Federer vs Davydenko: R2 AO13


A routine, typical win for Federer today; 6-3, 6-4, 6-4. He did just enough to win comfortably against fellow 32 year old Davydenko and didn’t expend too much energy. Smart & efficient strategy as always from Roger. He had 42 UEs and converted only 3 of his 13 BP chances, both stats are again typical of his matches (and in the process, living up his rather less famous nicknames of Federror & Wasterer :p )

I couldn’t watch this match as I was in office so I thought I will follow it via radio. I felt like the commentators were talking about everything except the match out there. Those two were joking and clowning around, imitating various accents arguing about geography etc. These also had this thing going on where they were calling a female colleague by a new name every time they spoke with her. So in the 45 mins I was listening in, she was Lousie, Rachel, Jackie, Monica, Kim, Tina, Estelle and so on! All good natured, Aussie bantering I guess, but all I wanted was for that match to be called properly/seriously.

A LOL moment occurred in between. One guy wrote to the radio channel asking if they also thought Davydenko is Federer’s Kryptonite?! Lol, I was like “the fuck is this guy smoking??!!!”. If he had mentioned Nadal, it would have made some sense but Davydenko?? Wow!

Next up is Tomic, who went 4 tight sets against Brands. This will be a tougher test as he is the local boy and will have a very vocal crowd behind him. But Federer has handled these situations before successfully and I am pretty confident he will come out on top again. Two types of players have had success against Roger in Grand Slams; aggressive defenders & returners like Nadal & Djokovic and clean, savage belters like Berdych, Tsonga, Soderling & Del Potro. I don’t think Tomic fits in either category. Of course, being in these 2 categories doesn’t guarantee success either; Federer has numerous victories against these guys, especially the second category. Looking forward to Saturday as I will be able to watch this match. Go Federer!

On a side note, I think his pink shoes might have distracted Davydenko!  😀



3 thoughts on “Federer vs Davydenko: R2 AO13

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