How to Kill a Lion: Indian Politician Style!

This is a compilation of various methods to kill a Lion, patented by various (in)famous Indian politicians/leaders/wannabes/nobodies/idiots etc.

Manmohan Singh Method:
The lion roars. Stay mute.
The lion roars louder. Stay mute.
Let this happen for infinite times.
Lion dies of frustration.
Theek hai?

Rahul Gandhi Method:
The lion roars.
Ask him to join farmville  and offer a cozy hut, daily healthy food, a pink dress with cute decorations every festive season.
Lion dies of shock.

Abhijit Mukherjee Method:
The lion roars.
Call him a painted rat who is not aware of real lionhood.
The lion dies being struck by intolerable stupidity.

Akbaruddin Owaisi Method:
The lion roars.
Brag that you’re such a human who can knock him down in 5 secs if the cage is removed.
Lion dies of excessive laughter causing multiple organ failure.

Mohan Bhagwat Method:
The lion roars.
Tell him that lions only roar in jungles, but not in jungles. Ask him to get out of jungle and come to jungle and to learn sanskar.
The lion dies of confusion.

Asaram Bapu Method:
The lion roars.
Tell him ‘Hello bhaiya’.
The lion dies of unbearable humiliation and degradation of his species.

Disclaimer: 1. No lions were harmed while writing this article. They all died Before I started writing, because of all the geniuses above.

2. If you are offended by any of the methods above, please don’t bother talking to me about it. In fact kindly refrain from talking, Ever!


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