Its tough being Me!

I was born with a rare condition…of being Awesome! But then prolonged exposure to stupidity in the name of social interaction numbed me to the point where I am no longer able to tap into my legendary pool of awesomeness at will. There are however brief moments of clarity where that pure genius is on awe-inspiring display. However, the general reception is still somewhat muted…but, given the fact that most were bought up on ‘unquestionable’ Faith and irrationalism, this isn’t unexpected. Nonetheless, there are a select few who are momentarily enlightened by yours truly and it is those moments that give me the inspiration to continue. So, should I be doing this more often? Yes, of course! Am I actually doing this more often? Unfortunately, no; because I am always pre-occupied. Right now, I am in the middle of this little matter of solving my existential crisis.


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