About Pepsicated

On the heels of writing my second so called movie review, I decided to put a few of my literary masterpieces up on the internet for the reading pleasure of my friends…..or displeasure. So I went to this site and they asked for a username. Every single name I tried was already in use they said. Then finally I tried a phrase I used to say often in school, “Pepsicated Lumbricoides”. Don’t bother googling it, it doesn’t mean anything, I made it up long ago. Apparently no one has used ‘pepsicated’ before. This alone proves that my childhood was uniquely legendary! Okay then, let’s get started…..

I was born with a rare condition…of being Awesome! But then, prolonged exposure to stupidity in the name of social interaction numbed me to the point where I am no longer able to tap into my legendary pool of awesomeness at will. There are however, brief moments of clarity where that pure genius is on awe-inspiring display. Sadly though, the general reception is still somewhat muted…but then again, given the fact that most of you were bought up on ‘unquestionable’ Faith and irrationalism, this isn’t unexpected. Nonetheless, there are a select few who are momentarily enlightened by yours truly and it is those moments that give me the inspiration to continue. So, should I be doing this more often? Yes, of course! Am I actually doing this more often? Unfortunately, no; because I am always pre-occupied; like right now, I am in the middle of this little matter of solving my existential crisis.

To assist you while you go through this blog, let me point to you some of my favourite posts:

  • My resume: Hey, I need to stay employed so that I can pay for all this. This ranks as one of my best and if I upload the same to any job site, I am sure I will be inundated with job offers! The Greatest Resume Ever Prepared
  • Obviously once you get a job, then you need to start planning your vacation. And as a responsible employee, you need to inform your peers that you are Out Of Office. Or to just rub it in, my OOO mail.
  • We all know how irritating those unsolicited telemarketing calls can be. Here is one way to deal with them: The Credit Card Call.
  • I don’t know if you know this, but I am huge fan of Roger Federer. Here is something I wrote after he was part of a victorious Davis Cup team.  Dreams Do Come True
  • You should always have a disclaimer to cover your ass. Well, in my case, I need like 20 of them. Disclaimer List
  • Apple iPhones are a craze for a majority out there. However they are also expensive. So when my friend managed to get one dirt cheap, it was really a story worth telling. An iPhone for Rs 4000?!
  • If you are a fan of the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, then chances are you might be pissed at the show’s official ending. However, I got my hands on what happens after that debacle of an ending. The Real Ending of HIMYM
  • Coming back to me now and here is the story of how I came out to my parents as an Atheist, courtesy a Temple Run.
  • So, one day I was like ‘what to do today??’ and one thing led to another and I basically invented a new religion. Stay Calm & Be Cool
  • I have got asked about my marriage way too many times now, so here…. Getting Married??

One thought on “About Pepsicated

  1. I just loved reading every bit and but of ur script up there and can’t help myself falling head over heels for ya. Is there anyway I can subscribe to your blog or writings etc or get them in email like links kinda, wats the approach and where do I find ur here. Thanks my email is Zehradoc@gmail.com. As of now m clicking the notify via email down here but I need only ur words not any other writer if they are here.. No offence.. Don’t take it seriously guys “if anyone else reads this”

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